My life experiences
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2021-07-22 21:40:52 (UTC)

I’m a victim

I’m trying to pretend that I don’t know or remember or probably not wanting to hold a grudge, I cannot Handel it I’m having flashbacks but I can’t speak or tell u what happened to me, I can’t tell anyone, the fact that the ones who caused it, I have to see them every single day, I live with them do u wanna know why?
They are part of my …..
it’s a joke when the closest ppl are the ones who u should be protected from not the outside!!
I can’t do this when I see them talk or when they are around I tend to lose it, I get angry and u will say u have the right to be. However, the ppl around me make me feel like I disrespected them or degraded them and they make me apologize when they are the ones who should ask for forgiveness from me !!!
But what do they know, right!!!!
1-I’m the victim I was just 9 years old how could u
2- I was 12 years old how could u do that to me

3- how could u, guilty number 3, I don’t deserve this and u call ur self a father!!!

So many guilty #3 I have to see every single day!!!

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