If I die today
2021-07-22 13:30:58 (UTC)

notes of the day

yesterday the wine happened got a box that Im still working on finishing had 3glasses or so last night then a few since 10am this morning almost downed the box thou. As far as birthday wasnt much a celebration we went to bed early(ish) but I like that. I took one melation but sitll had trouble falling asleep. had all my vitimains this morning had a walk then on excersize video. may have taken an extra multi since I couldnt remeber if I took it. Still loading up on probotics. the srTimbe apts called today to follow up so IDK we might be going there to look today at apartments I do like the place but nDea is unfimilar. I'm working on drinking a watr and v8 engery now then back to finishing the wine hopefully before 4. mentally social emotional its all the same relevance yesterday this is life.

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