Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2021-07-22 19:29:35 (UTC)

Breaking Away From The Depressing World...

I've stopped watching the news. It's too depressing. Actually it was really just all political commentators. The only channels on YouTube that I stayed subscribed to that have to do with politics is Zeducation, Brainlet and ShoeOnHead. Zeducation looks at memes a lot, much of them being political, so that's funny. June (Brainlet & Shoe) is funny. I might re-subscribe to Hunter Avallone, even though I think I disagree with him on a lot. It's interesting to hear things from another side. I haven't seen him call out Andrew Klavan yet. Andrew Klavan seems so likeable as a person and his segments on The Daily Wire are interesting and a little different. I would re-subscribe to him, but much of what he talks about is depressing. It's funny how much Hunter hates Michael Knowles, though. I find Knowles to be smug and too conservative at times and he's probably the person on The Daily Wire I disagree with the most on matters. I think he is the most conservative person on there. Anyways...

I was enjoying watching Blaire White again, but I'll have to look into if she showed false results for her political compass quiz she took on her second channel. Many in the comments say she did and there is a way to find out. Put in the same answers Blaire did on the quiz and see if you get the same results she showed herself to get. I might do that at some point.
My friend asked me if I didn't want to talk last night. I said that I never really do and I have nothing to talk about. It's true. I apologized for not responding to her text the other night, she said that was okay. She said 'goodnight,' I said, 'You too.' That was it. ::Shrug::

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