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2021-07-22 15:04:00 (UTC)

Juggling life

Life has been so hectic lately. Between Joseph, M, K, camping, and mowing my property, that is all I have done lately. I definitely need to find a balance. I'm enjoying everything, don't get me wrong. It's just exhausting and tiring at times.

This morning I took a good shower and shave, vacuumed, mopped, clean the bathroom, and picked up things around the house. Then I went and visited my parents for 3 hours. Came home and took a nap for about an hour. Joseph will be here at 5:00 the same time H gets off work. I have long chats daily with Joseph. H does to, when she has the time. Then friday, we are camping until Sunday. Sunday evening we have plans for M to come over. Also Joseph is on vacation from today until Tuesday. Ironically his wife is on vacation Monday through Friday, and she's going to the beach by herself. So I am sure, that we will be seeing Joseph quite a bit, over this next week. He is bringing all his BDSM gear over tonight, and asked if he could store it at our house. He has a couple thousand dollars in gear. Joseph is truely happy that we have welcomed him into our "inner circle". Tonight we are going to have a talk as a "family", and define his role into words. Example... Does he want to be our submissive or our property? Does he view us as he dominant, or his Masters? These titles are very important. We will takr him either way. I think he will choose to be our property. Then we will all add each other to our FetLife pages, listing each other's profile names, and titles for one another. This is very important in the local kink community.

Wednesday night H and I had some hard pounding sex. We went two days without sex. It went primal from the start. The first time, H had her ass in the air. She must off had 4 or 5 big orgasms. Things were intense, as I pounded her body relentlessly.

We had a small break, before continuing. This time in the missionary position, I was able to go deep, pounding H through several orgasms. She squeezed her breast together, while I thrusted her body. This turned me on big time. H become so tight, building to her last orgasm. I said "I am going to cum," blowing my load deep into H, as she climaxed all over my manhood screaming, and cussing. We both needed that Wednesday night!

Last Saturday, I re arranged a few things in the bedroom, giving us more room to play. Of course I cleaned the room, since I was moving furniture around. In the afternoon I went to Golden corral with Mom, Dad and H. Later that evening, I started making a new paddle, and straighten up my woodworking shed some.

Sunday M cancelled. It worked out for the best, I was sore and tired from Friday and Saturday. We had a long nap and had a quite day.

Tuesday I weedeated the entire lawn. I edged the driveway, sidewalk, boulevard, and both patios. I sanded the paddle. I just need to drill 6 holes, sand more, then stain and lacquer.

Wednesday I met K. He is homeless once again. Another story for another day.

My tattoo is almost healed. Tomorrow will be a great entry, if I find time to write it.