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2021-07-22 13:27:00 (UTC)

Tiger is

Giving Tiger her meds has been a little easier now that I got the pill pockets. EVen though they are still too small I put two together and put the meds in. Then bury it in the kibble or the canned food and she seems to eat it. I also stand nearby to make sure Sky does it inadvertently take it.

Anyways, up until Tuesday she was walking normally with no limp and not knucling. On Tuesday her limp was a little more noticeable. Yet she still slept on the bed or under the end table in the living room.

I had a text conversation with Sis. I told her Tiger is doing well with the meds and that she is walking normally.. She seemed pleased and reassured me this was the right way to go and there will be days ahead where it may not be as good.

I heard from the vet Monday to check in on Tiger. I relayed the same info to them as I told Sis and they were pleased. I also filled out a survey for the VCA office. OF course I gave kudos.

MOnday night I had my session with Debra. I did a lot of venting about the conversations I have had with Liz and she asked me if it was time to maybe step back and not spend so much time. It may have been the reason I didn’t contact her much Tuesday.

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