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2021-07-22 10:18:00 (UTC)

Favorite Cafe

Long stressful day yesterday
But survived

Received my 5 month sobriety coin yesterday

The transportation thing was a mess

I did trust P to drive me home.
Hope she found her way back.
She made such an effort to come to the office to see me.
Touched me.
Said “this isn’t working “ was a contradiction and a cold fear ran through my veins
That fear of am I going to lose this person?
I’m trying so hard to let walls down enough to let her in.
I’m doing the best I can as fast as I can.
I’m sorry it’s not as fast as most like and I’m different in that aspect
I’m me
All I can be
(Sounds like a military commercial sorry)

Slept in till 930
I’m dehydrated
I’m tired
But yard work needs to get done
So going to grab a cup of coffee and get to it
Once the rain starts I will grab a nap and do the inside work

The scent of sunlight
and espresso
fills my dreaming
as the world slowing wakes
from dark forgetfulness
our innocence regained
for a moment of time
as dreaming and reality collide
existing in these two worlds
we savor mornings' aroma
bravely facing the day
as future unfolds
with life's' new meaning
all our sins forgotten
within the joy
of sunlight and espresso

One of life’s finest gifts to me
My coffee

Till later