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2021-07-22 08:21:52 (UTC)

Kayak fishing date😎

So my date yesterday was with blondie. I have to confess, I didnt want to go out with her because of what I heard about her's hard to be negative and with the added scenery of a lake, kayaking, and fishing? We both had a good day.

Still it is a first time last time with blondie. She loves my truck.. I swear, my truck will get laid before I will.. hehe.

I taught her some fishing tips and tricks like a best fishing knot and a few different rigs. She was able to catch 2 crappie, 2 catfish, and one monster fish that broke her line so it was actually a nice kayak fishing day. She used a SUP though. Not the most practical but it worked yesterday because the lake was pretty calm. We found an inlet where the current wasn't so bad.

Of course, the day I took off, there was an urgent need for my help at work. Bossman-asshat wants to pick on me. It's not like I'm the only guy that knows how bgp routing works. But because I wasn't there, he wants to put me on the spot on "Teams". Thats like a zoom class so it was for all to see. Dont matter. Big picture is I don't play silly games with men acting like kids. I ignore or take more time off .

In lighter news, I'm getting my car worked on this morning. Only gonna cost about $300-$350 so that's good news. Walked over to a Starbucks while I wait. Got my 7AM crossfit class done. Good thing my gym is close to my mechanic. Should be able to double up again.

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