The Sweet Remains
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2021-07-22 11:33:13 (UTC)

Order of operations

There is something to be said for the order of operations.

Person 1:
Stabs you, removes knife, applies pressure

Person 2: stabs you, applies pressure, removes knife.

Same actions with a different order can make a world of difference.

Person 1, might have been an accident, it’s at least possible.
Person 1 tried to reverse the effects of the damage. Person 1 appears to have good intentions for you overall and doesn’t want you to die based on their final action.

Person 2: unlikely they did it on purpose. We know this because they forced the knife in. Their final act was to pull the knife out after maximizing damage. No assistance rendered. They do not have your best interest at heart. They don’t care if you live and as their actions show, intend you maximum harm.

The same actions can mean different things. Context matters.

Physically or emotionally … don’t be person 2.

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