A New Path
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2021-07-22 16:02:36 (UTC)

The Past (Adult Content)

The past never represents the future, as you get to reinvent yourself as time goes by.

In the past, a few years ago I slept with a man, the town's bad-ass, Mr. Bachelor, whom i thought I would, at that time, marry, i thought he was my soul mate. A Match made in Heaven.

When i first visited his house, he made dinner, and baked muffins... a man who can cook? You don't get many of those around town. I didn't get to taste his food though, but something else. That is also the first time going down on a man and that turned a switch in me. Instinct kicked in, I set it my mission to make him explode. I put every knowledge i had (reading books) into play. As time grew near, for him, he grew more assertive and as I threw him over the edge, he demanded that he wanted to 'explode' in my mouth, he did, and that I swallow, I did.

After that, he offered me his hand, to help me stand up, I took his in mine. He started kissing my neck, up to my jaw line, all the way where his lips met mine. As we were making out, he removed every bit of clothing that i had on until i stood there, just in my bra and thong. He stepped back to take a look and then towards me again like I was a painting. He slowly put his hand on my boobs moving towards the back to unclip my bra. He slowly pull the bra off and let it fell to the floor. He again put his hands on my, now bare, boobs. His touch was oh so warm. Of course the ladies reacted almost instantly.

He moved his hand downstairs and fiddled with the inward lining of my thong. That awoke something else. He then took his hands to one side and ripped the thong completely off and let it fell to the floor. He kneeled and start to kiss my thighs, trailed all the way to my hips, stomach, up and stopped in the middle of my boobs. Like he was at a T-cross. He started to kiss my one boob, sucking on it while pinching the other.
It felt like ecstasy. Out of this world. Like nothing else matter. A good high. He trailed back to my mouth. Pulling and holding me against him.

He let go, took my hand, guide me to his bedroom and threw me on the bed. When I sit up straight, IT, was looking right at me, so i started sucking again. As I did, he removed his shirt and pulled out of my mouth. Pulled me up, turned me around and bent me over. He told me to look at the wall in front of me and that is when i realized there was me, staring back at me and him. A mirror.
He went to his wardrobe to took out a condom. He ripped it open with his teeth, put it on while walking back to me. He spitted onto his hand and then rubbed it on IT. Before, i even could gather my bearing he plunged right into me.

* * *
Now, I am / was still a virgin until then, I realized, too late, that i perhaps should've mentioned it to him.
* * *
A sharp pain jolted through EVERYTHING. Which led to a few tears. He immediately pulled out, shocked to see, some of me on him.
He then asked me if I was still a virgin, ironically, after that, and why i didn't tell him. He walked over to bend over untill we were face to face. He took his one hand and lifted my chin, eyes to eyes. He planted a smooch and walked back to where he was before and resumed, more gentle this time. It was amazing. The discomfort faded after a few thrusts and that is where things got more ... intense.

The thrusts became faster and harder, I became overly excited, he told me to hold off. That was easier said than done. A lot of grunts and moans later he quickly pulled out and flipped me on my back where he tilted both my legs to the one side, where he inserted into me again. This was different, i remember having the urge to just open my legs but him holding them down. Was a lot of pressure but once again I got told not to cum. After a few thrusts, loud moaning, grunts, a few curse words, he opened my legs so the he could play with my little bean and god, did that sent me over the edge. That was the most powerful thing that has ever ripped through my body and soul. As soon as I found my release Bass quickly found his. He pulled out, ripped the condom off and shot all over me. He fell onto the bed beside me.

Needless to say, we had a few more encounters. New positions, new places and a lot more orgasms later, after three months, he called it quits. He found a new girl to play with. I was nothing to him. He said that he would call when ever he needed me again. That kind of broke me into pieces. Heart broken. I actually fell for this guy. I thought we had some kind of future. Guess I was reaching for a pie in the sky.

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