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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2021-07-22 09:50:28 (UTC)

Ask for a sign ❤️

Listening to: Dusk til Dawn - Zayn
"If you're alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. If you’re happy, I'll be your smile. But anytime you need a friend, I'll just be me"
Good Morning!
I slept incredibly deep and woke in time to hit the park at 6:15am. I am back on track, managed 6kms today with no real issues. I did stop by the water to recentre myself and killed the remaining 2kms. I came home and had a shower and headed out to my back deck to have my tea with Mr. Grey. (my pet squirrel I mentioned in previous entries lol) He took about 10 minutes to come after I went out but I think the little devil slept in haha.

As I mentioned yesterday I had some drama. I hate drama, I will not allow it in my life. I will only mention what happened to get it off my mind and heart then I will let it go as I will not allow them to occupy any space in my life, whether emotionally or physically. The one I cut ties with (I wrote an entry here) decided it's time to pop back up and bring this up to someone that is in my life and try to pass the message to me, through them which was unfair of them to do in my opinion to put them in the middle, not cool at all. The statement was "It's in the past so it's over, let's move on now" as nothing happened and all can just resume as normal lol. Yep, I agree it's in the are you. I have moved on. I do not want a relationship with this person. I have heard apologies for years from this person only to have them pull a stupid stunt again, I am done with it. I get the person I heard this from was just trying to make peace and while I appreciate the sentiment, I told them I felt it was uncool for this person to pull them into this. I also told them that I no longer desire a relationship with this person, and please don't get yourself involved, and that they were using them as a go-between in a situation that is long said and done. I assured them I would not make them choose and that I respect their relationship and would never interfere with it nor make them choose. They did harm to not only me but to my family and like anyone, you do not mess with another's family. It's a sure-fire way to have me go from 0-100. Ok, that's done lol.

I have plans for the early afternoon then I am home for the day. I am leaving for the cottage tomorrow and I am super excited to spend some time up there before my vacation ends on Wednesday. It will be quiet as only a few of us are going but that's exactly what I need right now. I am stopping on my way up to get a new tube and see a boat I have been eyeing. There is nothing wrong with mine but the marina did tell me the engine is aging and will need more and more time in maintenance each year I pull it from dry storage so it's something I am considering. I have not decided but I am leaning that way. We shall see..

Yesterday I was given a tarot read on video with a girlfriend and in part of it, she told me to look for a special colored sunflower as confirmation of what she had spoken about. I had forgotten about it until later that evening when I was watching tv and I saw a strawberry-blonde sunflower pop onto the screen. I had to smile and thank my spirit guides. It's really neat how the universe works. Ask for signs you are on the right path, ask for clarification through visual means. It does work.

A few different tarot messages came through today so I thought I would share..
💜Watch your words carefully. You may be feeling tense and it is important you think before speaking as you may say something you later regret. If someone is annoying you then take a deep breath before responding. I'm told "be the better person" (this one does apply to me as I feel I made the right decision in the drama situation above)
💜Someone is planning what to say to you. They want to ask you to go somewhere but they are working out the details. I feel they are planning a day out with a picnic. It'll be really fun and shows they've thought a lot about it.
💜Stop overthinking things because it's only keeping you stuck in your head and blocking you from taking steps forwards. When you find yourself in that anxious spiral, write down your concerns and rationalize each one. We often worry about things we can't change or control.
💜An idea you have will be very fruitful. You have a lot of good ideas so think about doing one at a time rather than taking on too much. Which one excites you most? That's the one to pursue.
💜For some, you're about to hear "I love you" for the first time from someone. Once they say it once they won't stop saying it haha

Have a beautiful day!💜

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