my sexual past and present
2021-07-22 08:34:14 (UTC)

my inner horn doggie-ness

So I've been thinking ...and with some help from friend here.
Yes I know 90 percent of my journal is about my sex life. I write so much about it b/c in real life I keep it all close to the vest.
Honestly in real life you would never know. I don't project myself like that. I'm very very discreet. I'm not that guy that is at the mall oggling all the women. I do oggle women, but I'm very discreet. When I am talking to someone with a bunch of friends or co-workers I'm not our right flirting. I'm a good judge of people and well I can tell when someone is flirting with me. I wish I knew all of this when I was younger. Wish I had this confidence then, b/c if I did I'm pretty sure I would have sowed my wild oats before I got married. As you all know I'm a late bloomer.
I was 21 when I lost my virginity. I was only with 4 women before I met my wife. Since I've been married I've been with a bit more.
Anyway getting back to why my journal consist of 90% sex's because I need to let it out somewhere. There is are 2 or 3 people in real life that know about my transgressions....two of them is a women and yes both are past lovers. (Lisa and Val) I just need a place to write down and well get some of it out. I dont apologize for who I am. For the most part I am completely transparent with my lovers. I let them know right off the bat that I am married... ok that is all for today.....