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2021-07-22 14:36:29 (UTC)

Last Minute Rush.

About the cat picture :

The pretty little cat in my profile picture is an old photo of my princess Dekkie when she was very pregnant with her four babies. Her only litter. I miss those beautiful kittens very much. They will be 2 in November. They were so gorgeous.

Been a really busy day. Unexpected stuff to take care of like distributing vaccine booster forms to 18 village tenants. Collecting them nxt Tuesday 27/7. This is the last fucking time I do any support work for the pandemic. I'm tiring easily and I am determined not to undo my hard won rest. Got through nine deliveries before having coffee and chat with one neighbour who is a friend (& I use caution with her. It's not easy.)
Then I helped out her neighbour who I have also grown to be friendly with though she's a complete bitch from hell when she's under the influence of weed. Helped out with painting her interior walls where her bed goes, (99% finished now), then got her bed back in position so she could sleep on it tonight after 3 nights of not being able to sleep on it. For a person who has been permanently maimed by a serious past vehicular accident, she's incredible really with how much she can still do. The majority of these studio bedsits are in critical shitshape state. Deplorable. The charity organization is not short of money, they're stingy, greedy and barely give back. In fact, they're barely legal. I think this sucks, and I always have.

Last minute rush to get my tiny space in order for family. It's 00:43 Friday morning and they'll be here nine o'clock tonight. Still got a fair bit of cleaning too. Not going to get it all done, just enough to feel comfortable and adequately transformed. Got the food shopping to do yet along with all the cooking. We're going to have :

Friday Dinner :

▪Beef cubes (premium) stew. 90 mins to 2 hours to slow cook. Served in a pile on fresh baked thin pastry rounds.
▪Roast kumara and carrots. I roast small chunks, it's faster. Served piping hot.
▪A wholemeal penne pasta salad (cold). Quite a few ingredients go into this, including avocado chunks and I toss it with a sour cream, hummus, lime juice and linseed paste dressing. Fresh ground black pepper. Coarsely crushed toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds is a great garnish.
▪Steamed greens. Silverbeet. Tossed in a little butter.
▪Lentil fritters. These are spicy, fried, moist and delicious.
▪Dessert : Salted caramel icecream with thin, light dessert biscuits, and fresh pineapple chunks. (Throwing this together.)

Saturday Breakfast : Steel~cut oat porridge with brown sugar, sliced banana, Kalo honey yoghurt or Weetbix. I have to get Almond milk too. Toast with fruit juice.

Saturday Lunch is leftovers from dinner and chickpea patties. The pasta salad has ham in it and I'll make enough Friday for two meals. Hopefully there'll be some beef stew left.

Freezing cold. Always happens when I stop moving. Got the heat pump on, but I still need a cardigan. Sleep now.

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