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2021-07-22 14:04:19 (UTC)


I have been trying to settle my mind from doing it's overthinking. It is working in some aspects and others not so much.

I told Miner my concerns and he reassured me that I am indeed overthinking things and he was just really busy yesterday. He did not mean to be inconsistent.
We had a nice chat this morning and he apologized and so did I. We will see how it goes from here.
I have been sending him messages during the day and usually they don't go through or he doesn't read them but I see him reading it and then he'll respond to say he will respond in a minute. I also see him coming online and not reading my messages.
😂No, I am not sitting there in his chat waiting to see when he is online or not. I have GBWhatsApp and it allows me to see when someone is online. It gives like a little green dot and a notification will appear showing me "... online".
I am just going with the flow though, not overthinking it and not stressing the small stuff.

Rod gave me another task to do. I think I will try one tonight, I hope it's not too cold. hahaha, it was really -1 this morning. The car did not even want to start, it was that cold.
I will report back on the task when I have completed it. I will first report to Rod before putting it on here.

I told Miner about my diary and sent him the link, I am not sure if he has had time to read it. I also don't know whether or not he deletes his messages, if he does then he no longer has the link.

I am at work and I have completed my work for the day, unless some new orders come in but I doubt it. My days aren't filled completely yet so I sit... I have a book to read, I think I will get back to it after this entry.

Before leaving FL, I told a few people (mostly Dom's) that I was leaving the site and it was fun chatting blah, blah, blah. There was one man who asked to chat on WhatsApp before I leave. I gave him my number and left the site...
He added me last week sometime, I think. We have been chatting, nothing hectic. I have just basically been telling him my fears of meeting someone. He is really close to me and he will come meet me anytime, all I need to do is say the word, but I am scared.
My fantasies in my mind might not be worth meeting anyone, I don't know.... but when I read softy's diary, I want what she has with her Daddy. I told this man that, lets call him MM. I will forward him the diary later so he can read some of her entries and get a feel for their relationship.

If things with Miner fizzle out or some how come to an end, I might meet up with MM, just for a coffee. We have a cute little coffee shop not far from here. We'll meet and see if we get along at all in person. There isn't much there at the moment, I like to give my attention to one person only at a time but he is definitely interested. If I decide not to meet up with him, I think I still have it pretty good. I will still have Mr Hunter and I will be able to submit to Rod, even if it will only be online, He will be good for my confidence and in getting me to make the first move.

I should stop typing and get that book out.


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