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2021-07-22 11:00:50 (UTC)

Ricky Community

Already starting out the day, by taking house guest to Community Service or slave trade work for someone in the area because of court fines not being able to pay in cash, then you do free work for whoever they wish until the cash amount is paid to the Thugs of the legal system scam. As can see not a big fan of thugs given power over majority of citizens in society. Reason being that these thugs with power step on many people only because they know that they are poor and have no way of paying back for whatever wrongs they may have done. Be it jaywalking, drunk
driving, shop liftering, stealing from others, damaging property, or any other laws that pretend to punish but a money making game for the government run states in the cities, towns, counties . Driving without a license, is a good one. No accidents in years, but don't have a thug posted sticker on plate, then off to jail. Many things I do question but keeping society safe is one that needs to be addressed because of thugs with badges, and guess what finally being done now worldwide even. Well, best take off and get this bad person that was caught driving with no license to pay his court fines or debt to society for using highways even if he pays taxes as a poor person. Then may as well stop in at Pea Ridge market ( Walmart) get some items like milk, cat food, bread, who knows what I'll come home with. Pill time, but will take those after taking Rick to his duty station where ever that is. Pick up after five this evening. A full work day for the fine. What a racket!
Just back from taking to community service as they call it. Also filled up on gas (21.00) and that was at half a tank. Be damn, seen a roach, never have in my room till now. A single one, but normally will see for a few days after spraying so I am told. Oh well, now on to other business. Went and bought 60.00$ in food as well as cat food and backyard BBQ tv dinners, under $2.00 each. Now that is a deal. Plus have had them for awhile now. They really are great, with the mashed potatoes and corn. As well as other junk that I will eat till end of month. Yes, junk food also. But, at seven AM they don't have anything hot till later. Shell, not about to ever buy breakfast there or dinners even. There getting too cheap in amounts as well in prices are way higher than most places in the area. Noticed drop off of customers as well, They better get with it, or they will be out of business as well. Hopefully, not too much for the people unable to read there.