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2021-07-22 13:01:51 (UTC)

When the obvious slips past me

I mentioned in the other post how life slips me by … suppose it can be the obvious that I can fail to see.

Allow an example because my brain cannot switch off the thought process on how I miss clues.

Rewind to when I was in my twenties and revisiting the Hotel in Wales where I worked. By this time I was already working in England so I went back once for a visit. I spent one night with my friends that were still there chatting and catching up. There was one new guy and he was pleasant enough. I did not talk to him much but he was with us that night catching up.
This guy walked back with me to the rooms where he was staying and so was I. I had one of the spare staff rooms. He said goodnight and went to his room and so did I. I went to bed.

The next morning I am asked by one of the girls I was visiting the night before. “So did you guys sleep together?”
My face wrinkled up into a question mark. My reply was somewhere along the lines of. Now, why would you think that, or why would you even think I would. We spoke a few times. None of it was suggestive. I smiled once I think. Oh, no she was wondering cause she is sure he liked me … ohhh ok.

I am still convinced I missed all the clues that she must have seen and shake my head at the question. I am not like that and never will be. To me, if you smile and talk to someone that does not mean you should sleep with them … or am I that abnormal in this world. And abnormal in this case is a good thing.

Maybe I am just not a thot.

Got a funnier one next time I write. This one still makes me want to throw my head back and wail haha