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2021-07-22 01:39:27 (UTC)


I've finally done it. The service that I've owed myself over these past two years of college. I've finally decided that Environmental Science can shove it. Saving the earth is cool and all, but God's built us for different purposes. I simply wasn't manufactured to crunch equations and split atoms.

Not sure what exactly rearranged my neurons, but these past two days have been spent intensely contemplating my future degree. Currently have my sights set on an English major with perhaps a marketing minor. My orientation was yesterday, and needless to say an hour in I found myself asking "what the hell am I doing here?". Two calculus courses, complemented by a couple of physics and a smattering of chemistry and soil sciences. Just a small sample of the expected curriculum. Not that I'd be incapable, however what would I be getting out of this? This concern's given me only seven hours of sleep over the past forty-eight, and rightfully so. It's time I start taking the reigns on my future and find a career that matters to me.

What would I like to be? A tech journalist. If not, some sort of copywriting or proofreading position that allows me to master my craft. Blogging, elegant prose, technical writing, I want to harness it all. If writing is to be my academic destiny however, I must begin working on a portfolio as soon as possible. I've got two big projects in mind to kickstart it.

1) My first real short story. Would probably be around twenty pages long, and it'd be horror.

2) More practical, but I'd like to start a technology blog. Ideally, a new article would be published at least bi-weekly. It'd focus on news regarding the market's latest headphones. Subject matter would range from anything between product leaks, reviews and consumer preferences.

For the first time I've confessed my love of writing to my parents. I told them how I've been writing nearly daily for six months now, and they were surprisingly open to it. At the same time it felt relieving. This creative passion doesn't have to be something I quietly nurture in privacy. I've learned to write for myself, but now I must master the techniques of writing for others.

The only problem is that I may have stonewalled myself in a meaningless semester. Registration was due tonight, and I'd enrolled myself in two required GE's and two science courses that'll be irrelevant when I switch. I'll probably contact advising over it tomorrow however in a way it works for me. Stomach the two science courses, get my GE's done while pinpointing the exact career I'd like to pursue.

No more second-guessing. All that exists is today and what I decide to do with it. My future begins now.