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2021-07-22 02:41:14 (UTC)

Sweet Potato

Dear stranger,

I was looking forward to labeling this entry as "Day 1 of Starvation", but oddly enough, I don't feel like I'm starving. I've decided that I'm going on a diet. Is it going to work? I'm not sure- I usually end up falling off the wagon, so it does seem likely that I'm definitely going to fail. Bleh, how lame. I've been looking at a lot of female korean popstars and they are all so gorgeous! Honestly, it's so obvious that a lot of them are anorexic. One of the popstars said that she just eats one apple, one sweet potato and one milkshake for a day. Maybe it's because I live in the USA where all food and people come in big macs, but what they eat seems rather unhealthy to me (I'm sure it is). But guess what? I want to do it. My goal is to become so skinny that I am literally just skin and bones. Kidding- I doubt I'll ever get to that point- I lack the self-discipline for that. Who knows though, maybe one day it'll actually come true. A girl can dream, right.

I never really had a sweet potato until today. They're actually pretty good. I peeled it, cut it up, put them on a pan, slathered olive oil all over them, put some black pepper, and let it cook in the microwave oven for like 30 minutes. They came out pretty good and I just treated them like fries. I think sweet potatos are going to be my new thing. That's all for now. Until tomorrow!

From yours truly,
The Sweet Pota-Karma Rose-to

P.S. What are you wearing right now? I have nothing on. ;) Kidding.

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