2021-07-22 05:49:42 (UTC)

2021 is almost over

Wow, how time flies. So much has changed in my life, yet, so much still remains the same.
Some days I get so sad and I don’t know why. Or, is it I do know why and don’t want to face some of it🤔
Welp, either way, I’m still here trying to make a living out of my life the best way I know how. Not giving up.

I just want to cry right now just thinking about all of the stuff I’ve had to deal with over the last 20 years.
The weight of my mistakes are heavy af.
But like that song that Zaya got me hip to, WE WIN.!!!

No matter the struggle. No matter the test or disappointment, WE WIN!!!
Winning in messed up situations are key.

I’m tired. I just got home from a 2:45p - 11:00pm shift. I’ll try to write some more tomorrow.