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2021-07-22 05:09:03 (UTC)

hump day

Listening to: Modern Romance by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Hysteria by Def Leppard
Mood: Tired but energized!
Time: 12:15AM

Isn't it ironic? I have been making sure I have been all dressed up for mowing the grass and exercising on the offhand chance I ran into Mr. Next Door. Well, life doesn't really care about those things, does it?

I decided to mow the grass after work. I got my new lawnmower and thought it would be a quick wham bam thank ya, mam. Nope. It turns out this mower is one where the mulching bag HAS to be used or it will clog so easily. Plus it has been wet and I let it go for about five days in the summer heat and rain, so it was my fault that it was torture to mow. I finally figured out I needed to unclog it and use the bag and moved our 96-gallon garbage cans to the backyard and filled both of them with grass clippings. I was DRENCHED and so I decided to soak in the tub. My sexy confident workout clothes needed to be rang out before tossing them in the washer--it was so bloody hot out! I put on some giant white shirt and some other shorts and settled in for a nap.

After my little rest, I then got a fire under my ass and said, you know what? I'm going on the treadmill. Not even three minutes in, I saw Mr. Next Door walking over to my house with my blue little Tupperware case from when I made him burgers and stuff on the 4th.

We got to talking and he is divorced! Already! I had no idea it was that far along. They signed the papers today apparently (so he is a free agent *wink*).

Part of me wondered if he kept the bowl for that long and decided to save it for when he wanted to talk as a way to strike a conversation. I have a way of looking way far into things but the last thing I would be worried about after signing divorce papers after work would be returning someone's Tupperware case. Who the hell knows, but I am going to assume it was so he could talk to me because it suits my psycho reality! Hahaha

We talked for two hours. We both shared so many things. He talked a lot about his divorce and all the drama and finances, which, I would probably do the same thing as it is so fresh and new, you know? I feel like he is such an amazing guy. He seems a little territorial which is so hot in my opinion. I know the entire world is against that mindset but I think it would be such a turn-on for my man to call me and ask me where I'm at or who I'm with. I wouldn't get angry or think he's accusing me of something, I would think he wants to make sure his territory (me) is protected. I would race home and let's just say give him all the goods. I get why some people would feel like a helicopter is over them, but I think it is all in how you look at things and intent is a big thing. Plus I don't have a guilty mind so I would not care if my man wanted to know where I was.

Anyway, he lifted his shirt to wipe his face off and it sent me into a spiral. I wanted to lick his stomach. He's so fucking fine. Now, my version of fine is not the bland bullshit most humans find fine, because I think he would fail by those standards...he's not like Brad Pitt traditional classic fine that all the stupid women and men love, you know how they love cookie-cutter men, but he has such a powerful mystique about him that is so... ugh you just have to feel it...I can't explain it...whatever it is, it is so attractive. It is so beaming. Maybe that is the chemistry I have always read about between two people. It is like electricity.

I hope he thinks these thoughts about me. I know it is easy to just say hey, you wanna chill? and see where it goes...but, we're neighbors though and I don't want to miss the mark and misread the signs, and then it becomes awkward, you know? So, I think I will leave it alone for a while. Gotta let the ink on the papers dry. ;-) But it is hump day and my God do I want to hump him. OK, I'll stfu now. <3

Night :-)

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