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2021-07-22 04:48:33 (UTC)


Hello everyone! I am currently writing this from the comfort of room 218 in a motel. We arrived at around 5pm along with our cats and then went to go find dinner.

I am welcoming this change of scenery with open arms, even though our vacation hasn't really started yet. My cats however did not. They hid under our beds and we had to force them out so that they could eat and pee. Little do they know that in two days we will be switching to yet another hotel so they better not get too comfortable.

Okay im going to stop beating around the bush and talk about my AP scores since that's the main reason I wanted to update here at all. Guys... I did REALLY GOOD!!! My spanish score was delayed so it wasn't available today but I got my others. Here were my results: Calc - 5 (LETS GOOOOOOO THIS IS THE W OF THE CENTURY), Cs - 4 (disappointing but its okay since I got an A in the class:) ), Lang - 5 (YESSSIIRRRRR I AM SO PROUD OF THIS)

I think it's safe to say that I did NOT cry today. I am more than happy with my scores. And I don't even care what I get on spanish so i'm chillingggg. My parents told me they were really proud of me too which felt amazing to hear but I wish I could tell more people. I told only one of my friends, who always talks about grades with me, but I couldn't tell any of my other friends or ask them in fear that I would look like I was bragging. I was so close to texting J and asking her what she got but every time I played it through my head it didn't end well. I guess I just have to swallow this victory on my own, which is fine since I already got the approval from my parents, but I wish more people asked me about how I did. (I swiped up on so many people's stories congratulating them about their bad scores and they never asked me what I got 😒 whatever)

Yeah there isn't much else to report today. We stopped by one college campus today but it was in a really rural area and now I am not so sure if I want to apply there anymore. Tomorrow we will look at another college, hopefully nicer. I said this already but it feels so good to stretch my legs and get out of the house. Two people asked me to hangout (S and R!!!) and I was sad I had to decline but I'll see them soon. I think it's safe to say that my social life is slowly coming back.

Anyways that's what's going on for me right now. Sorry if my writing in this entry is especially bad, I am a little distracted from the tv my mom and brother are watching beside me. Success feels good guys... thank god I got those scores-- May was the worst month of my life-- and even now I don't know if all of that pain and suffering was worth it. Oh well, I am here now :)

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