My History Of Familial Incest
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2021-07-22 01:13:31 (UTC)

Story I Wrote As A Child

(Year unknown. Likely preteen considering the word usage. Typed here as I found on paper.)

Once upon a time there was a cat whose name was Purr-vert. He was very mean and nasty to the other cats in the neighborhood, especially to one kitten named Tabby. She was a cute little kitten but thought she was ugly and bad. Tabby also felt different from the other kittens because when she was alone with Purr-vert he would stroke her fur and pull her tail and sometimes jumped on her. Tabby wanted Purr-vert to love her but he spent his days drinking spoiled milk and chasing her around. Tabby would try and hide but Purr-vert was a grown up cat and stronger than she was.
Tabby wanted to tell the other cats about what Purr-vert was doing but she was afraid, so her meows were quiet and weak. Purr-vert told her she was special and his favorite kitten on the block. Tabby wanted to believe him but she just felt like a dirty homeless stray.
Tabby grew up and became a beautiful feline but inside she was a fraidy cat and very sad. Purr-vert didn't stroke her fur anymore but he watched her every move with his eyes sunk into mean cold slits. Tabby started hanging out with cats in the bad part of town, drinking spoiled milk and flaunting her fur a little to much. She didn't say the terrible things that happened and drank even more spoiled milk and felt sick a lot and got into fights.
Then one day a kindly older feline came into her life and told Tabby she could live, even if Purr-vert never turned into a nice old grandpa cat. Tabby listened but it took a long time to understand because Purr-vert had convinced her she was a bad cat. Finally she decided that she was lovable and might be able to snuggle into someone's lap and feel warm and secure. Soon, her weak meows turned into loud roars and she captured her feline grace and power. She learned to walk with her back proud and tail held high. She stopped drinking the spoiled milk and found new places to roam. Tabby continued to grow despite what Purr-vert had done to her and she lived happily ever after.

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