Becoming quietly confident
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2021-07-21 22:03:50 (UTC)

Chicken (updated)

I am almost home from work. I have stopped and pulled over at a park. The quote guy for the bathroom is supposed to be at my house, or at least was supposed to be there an hour ago. My husband is home to talk to him. I warned my husband he was coming yesterday. I can’t bring myself to leave this park. I am stalling. I don’t deal with strangers in my house very well. Especially ones looking at the bathroom which is in desperate need of repair. Repairs I’ve tried to work with my husband on for years. But here I sit in a park, like a chicken. If you’ve read my previous post you will have now figured out that I would not make a very good “Karen”. I might need to be a lot louder.

Editing to add: apparently this guy didn’t show up. Well onto the next one who should be here next week. All that anxiety for nothing. :/

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