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2021-07-21 14:40:19 (UTC)

Humans piss me off

As a species we are fucked up. I hate handling humans. It's the least likeable job for me. I don't know how the managers and secretaries do this all day. Fucckkkk. I get exhausted in a few hours.

You take any species of dog. From a small terrier to a great dane. The psychology is the same. Same instinct.

You take same species of human. Fucking act differently from one family to another. Different religions have their own shit assholes. Every race and color has their own set of idiots. There is no one underlying trait which you can control them. And that to me is a flaw and I don't like interacting with idiots.

You give me a hundred computers to manage I will. Give me a box full of puppies I can. But give me two humans and it's fucking fuck you all.

There are exceptions too. Beautiful people who I know. Rare ones.


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