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2021-07-21 02:18:51 (UTC)

Pest Control Excellent job

July 20, 2021

Well Flex pest control just left, and the guy did a great job having to put up with demands from the whole family. Think they were probably trying to intermediate him to do or say something. But, the guy kept a cool head and yes no problem no matter when they asked get under the cupboards and whatever was told to him. I sat out in my van where it was cooler and just watched and listen and can say if I was talked to as he was I would have said something and probably did nothing. But, this guy was what I would call a real cool head and did as requested no matter what any of them had to say to him. Doing something as they did I suppose you just or I just am use to it. I know when ever their mouths are open or sending anything to the chat in web page is nothing but stories and their all lie's. Don't think their is one in that family ever will know how to be honest or tell the truth ever. They want their way and they will lie no matter what. Hell of a way to live life, as if they tell and say the things they to me, then I already see what their so disliked.
Went to get tacos and a few burgers as well, Gave Hershel a couple bacon cheese burgers, but Ricky didn't want any. Have a couple for future meals then. Never waste here as can't afford it. Offered Rick a chocolate cream pie, and he must have for got, as still here in the refrigerator. Guess I'll have to eat it in the days ahead, if he doesn't remember it was offered to him. Would offer to caretakers, but they can't have sugars because of diabetes for the guy. But, they read this so if want it they tell Rick to go get it, and if not then as I said it will be ate one day.
Finally did get in contact with the jailbird in Washington country. They also rejected a couple letters as being too long. Babysitters if they know how to even read just denied letters if too long their and still collect fifty cents per letter. States no limit on what anyone writes, but when it comes to me then there is a limit and what I still don't know. Matters not as also able to send in pictures with words on them and they I am sure laugh at the pictures if they can't read then they will get to the jailbird. None returned and not hear a word as been busy most of day as I am everyday.. Pill machine not dispensing as it should and pills all mixed together, so just throw them out and redo till get it right or just return this Hero machine as not working as it should.
Mail in box, but no one as asked for mail so until they do and want to pick it up then will sit until they ask, Mail in their for Leslie and not sure as to others, alot of course for me. Bills and more bills is all. Seen a letter from electric repair as well and probably charging that $200.00 towards the contract. Until I get the mail not sure, and then going to want my $100.00 back as well as his $100.00 for the payment to send in plus the regular on August 1st. Can't see for sure until I get the letter, but putting it here because they should still have the two hundred as told them to wait until the first of month. Getting close to that and they have sent no one out to collect it for some reason. But, did send a letter saying that they are going to break the contract then it will cost them, as I can also stop making the payments if they don't stick to it. Really expect them to send a letter as they were called to come and get the money but have not done so. They also they would have to sign that they received cash from the caretakers so I can show the credit card that they are not keeping with in their contract and wanting to charge now by means of cash only. Just be on notice Caretakers, I want the money back on August 1st along with the regulars payment on what was your part for roof. Already explained rent money was to help with house, and not paying you to live here.
Not going into detail as your able to look back on all messages 12 years back even. As for Hershel saying there has always been roaches here, I can assure you there was not as always kept a pest service plus my kids would call you liars even as well as grandkids as they all lived here and we all prepared holidays meals here as well. We all love to cook, but since they left and things no longer kept as I use to be able to do, then I won't even cook in that kitchen with the filth of leaving crap around to when you get around to it. Besides, still not even able to use pool table and that room still not cleaned up after Seven years now. Even your uncle when lived here was able to play pool against James and others for money, so don't say someone else did all that crap like the yards and sheds as well as rooms kitchen bathrooms and so on. I have to fight for anything to be done and it's so easy as well as cheap when money is given to you. I am getting tired for sure.
As for Hershel saying James said to give Hershel the key to his truck, that is not what I was told, when I hear from James I will ask him if he wants that. As I said am getting real tired of this crap and not able to be honest. James said that he paid $2000.00 in cash and not letting it be sold or given to anyone for less than he paid for it. I now can no longer even trust the word of Hershel since wanting to try this on me, James told me to tell you crap. Talk about stories as you call them and their nothing but bull face lies to take from anyone at any cost and could care less if in your own family. How sad that is can't even trust one another unless all agree to the same lie's. Truth is so much easier. Able to remember. What gets me the lies even wrote to me and on this computer for the world to see and ask are they that stupid. As your youngest son puts it to me, He is the smart one and including I am the dumb one. While do I smile every time I hear that from Hershel, I can't believe parents really raised such as they have with their own. Reason why I no longer have any trust in any of you, but if wish to have this roof, then best also stop wanting to get more money and not take care of things like Pest Control. Saying they told you they don't spray as there is no cockroach spray on this trip. They will come out as often as you call them if not happy. Saving money for getting high on whatever it is not to be used with what free money you have not put yourself out of. Because I will not take much more lie's because they don't do a good job and so on. Read your own bullshit you sent and see how silly you are when sending drunken letters to me. Enough now, just think about that two hundred your holding as still want it back if no one shows up on the first. But, will probably know when I check the mail as a letter in the box from them about something. Back to bed for awhile now.