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2021-07-20 22:22:15 (UTC)

And it begins

Just as I was shown it a few weeks back....triggered by a news article that pinged on my phone and spirit showed me what was coming.

And it began this week, with our prime minister telling us vaccine passports are mandatory to enter nightclubs and large venues, a negative test was not sufficient any longer.

Then making it mandatory for all employers in the care industry to have the vaccine. Freedom of choice removed, human rights removed. It begins with these, and they will impose more mandatory forcing of removing free will in employment settings.

All the while showing the world he and his government make up their own rules. Spirit showed me with every imposed force of removing free will of the people another truth will be revealed in plain sight of the government to provoke us to say, "No" collectively. This is not a passing of theories, it is the shift. These huge changes we have seen in the last few years have been leading this and the overhaul of power shifts back to free will and the removal of abhorent laws and their rules of living.

They showed me the resistant the government will try to overpower and reclaim back obedience, not only through religions but also through the control of the media. Now changing the secrets act for uk journalists that if they report something the government doesn't approve of they can be jailed up to 14 years. This is due to the truth being shown on recent escapades of Hancock, boris and and his fellow wanker colleagues, bringing the nation into a deeper collective against them.

The police being given sweeping powers to shut down peaceful protests, is another catalyst towards what they showed me is to come.

Indulge the simmering waters while you can. There is more to come, that leaves me on edge and saddened but I do know once the developments are done, life for those still here will live a much lighter life with much less burdens.