If I die today
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2021-07-20 14:09:03 (UTC)

dream of dating a D-crat?

so far today havnt spent any money so budget is as is if I was going to spend my life saving s I would have 15$ aday to spend till more money. ugh. whatever got some sorta elctronic amazon giftcard from my sister by text for my bday of course it wants to link my cell phone and have me approve it and all that crap. IDK I may pass up the card just bc I dont think amazon needs my cell phone # so invsaive wish Id known and she woulda emailed me. guess Ill say thank you and move along. failry healthy today seem to have some acid reflux . I got really hungry before lunch so double helpings on lunch which was not nutrious boxed alfredo with canned chicken and a side of frozen vegies a mix of aspargus and corns and corrtots. for breakfast I had oatmeal with added butter and maple syrup. had a plum at some point after a walk in the morning with the dog made sweet potoes in the air fryer and shared with the dog. i think we;re planning shrimp tacos tonight. IDK what tommrow will like diet wise since its my birthday I'm a cheap sap for an excuse to drink and I really am itching for a reason to get a pizza. I think I can justify that in tommrows budget the pizza. no news on the divorce or new bills since the last from the atty I'm worried I'm missing something since I'm still struglling to veiw EVERYTHING on this computer. still adapting to it and the mouse and screen sizing. but I cant afford to call them its by the 10th of an hour they charge so if I call and ask I'm sure itll cost me dam near 50$ and if I'm not missing anything then dam whatawaste. guess moneys on my mind. I had a hard time getting to sleep last nigt we layed in bed at like 8 just snuggling and watching tv he fell sleep around 10 or sooner I just was layin there trying for a while then i woke up at like 4ish before the 515wakeup I feel asleep in between and I remeber something about dating the president I dreamed. I dreamed about dating the presiden.. the current one nBide . omg I dated a democrat. barf and IDK i think my parents were in the dream and the relatioship was short last althou I did make it to bed with him. Anyhow the rest is unclear now so freakin sick. did an excersize video after our walk since air quailty was a little less than ideal didnt run. thinking of doing another something here soon in a minute weather I try to run now inside or out or another video. IDK I'm 2 or 3 cups into 3oclock coffee now I made a small pot but I've been drinking it. so this is life

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