no name
2021-07-20 16:04:09 (UTC)


I feel normal. I feel like the things I'm feeling right now are the definition of normal, aside from the amount of food I've eaten today (I've got to stop since I think I eat out of boredom rather than genuine hunger). I got some stuff from the store. Some things that would be considered toys, slime and a bootleg Rubik's Cube. 2 books because it gave me that nice feeling of getting books from the library again. And some earbuds that I know won't last but it's better to have something than nothing.

Planning on having a certain activity to base each of my days around so that I'm not so lost on what activity (entertainment) to do. Might use an online answer generator for that.

Ah, I forgot to mention. 2 fictional characters were in my dream last night. But one of them legit died in front of me. Face planted and everything, (wth kirishima). Then the other just ignored one of my text messages, like WHY (denkibro 😪😔). I think I woke up a little after that bit. I've been having more dreams recently, probably only remembering them because I write them down after I wake up if I feel like it's worth telling. Me and [bsf] share dreams sometimes. Hers the other day was literally a horror movie plot.