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2021-07-20 11:07:06 (UTC)

Busy Day 😊

Got up at 5:30AM and had to hit the snooze button but eventually got up before 6AM. Got ready for gym and I'm on a roll. I'm going at a rate of 10 classes a week instead of my normal 5 a week. Had time to go to my mechanic for them to confirm what part I needed for my Thursday morning appt. That way, I don't have to wait long when they do fix it this Thursday as parts will be waiting already. Took care of that so it's all set up.

I'm actually ahead of my work projects so I'm kicking butt at work. I like when a customer calls me and I tell them I already emailed them letting them know that their project has been completed. I am aware of some coming down the pipe and I'm already working on them today so I'm ahead of those too when my dumbass boss sends it my way. Won't tell him know I'm already working on it though because he'll just pile more stuff on my plate and I'm going to be short one day this week because of my kayaking trip tomorrow.

After work, I'll be going to another crossfit class and then hit the bait store for tomorrow's fishing at Amador lake. I already bought groceries for dinner tonight. It'll be tacos. Making stuff up so it'll be turkey meat with onions, mushrooms, and approved sauces like Frank's red hot sauce but some of that taco seasoning mix. Romaine lettuce instead of taco shells. Should be healthy enough. Hope to lose maybe 1 to 1.5 lbs this week. We shall see. Still no vino and to be honest, I'm not missing it at all. It almost seem like it was just the comfort of doing my daily routine and not craving for actual wine itself. But we'll see. I'm talking like I got it right now but it's only been 1.5 weeks. I still got 4.5 weeks and at least 7.75 to 12.5 lbs to go.

Otherwise, life is good. Not much drama and going to the gym at all these weird hrs are getting me more and more new friends. #washingclotheslikethereisnotomorrow

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