Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-07-20 12:44:05 (UTC)

The Police

I often play with Spirit, as they often play with me. Giving me little funny signs, showing me extraordinary finds, leading me to places, people and things that often leave me smiling and thinking "Wow, that was cool!".

Well, one thing we do often is when I'm driving I ask Spirit to give me a song or collection of songs to give me messages. It's just a little more fun deciphering than our usual way. Obviously not all the words in a song count, but I know as I hear them and it builds a whole message. The other day I was driving for forty minutes, oh my lord it was so funny, what they came out with! Had me grinning and laughing. Something I need right now.

I think it's why I've always been a loner. I mean, I make friends very easily because I am changeable and adaptive, understanding to peoples diversities but I am often alone because I need it, spirit is always around me, taking me off into thought patterns, experiments and all sorts. I am always always learning more and so calm around me is quite imperative. I very much enjoy the still and find it difficult being in crowded areas or loud places. My sister always said I was a loner because while she and my brother would be playing snooker in the outbuilding (that was a barn) with our friends at night, playing music. I would be sitting not far on the bench in the yard with my faithful friend my border collie "Patch" cuddled up to me looking up at the starry night. I've seen so many shooting stars, they are really magical to watch.

My dog back then "Patch" was so intelligent, he often came exploring with me when I rode my horse. She was a mare, an Arab cross and she was fast and ultra adventurous, fearless and so was my dog and so was I. The three of us used to ride into all sorts of wooded areas, ones that aren't meant for horses, people but we did. My dog never had a lead his whole life, he would run alongside us, jump.on embankments, if cars came down the lane, he was great. My horse would go anywhere I took her, jumping big hedges, ducking, diving, galloping. Those were the days. I've always been an adventurer and never seen impossibilities. Spirit have always been with me too, so I've understood life should be experienced, explored and in knowing that it's removed fear. I may weigh up pros and cons but I tend to steer towards finding out rather than never experiencing.

Anyhoo, another tangent! I asked spirit to give me a song as a fun message and the next song that played was:

"The Police - Everything little thing she does is magic" -