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2021-07-19 09:44:27 (UTC)


I can’t help doing the mbti thingy when I remember it. I just like having something as a sort of guidance, even if it’s only slightly accurate. I sent it to my friend too. Turns out she’s an ISFJ-A. It’s cool to read up on the results and traits of the types and seeing how relatable they are to myself or my impression of her.

Anyways I’ve been in bed, after getting up and eating only to come back, for way too long. But I already ruined my plans for today by going back to reading some mha reincarnation story (it’s an addiction and I’ll never have time to indulge🙁). I don’t know which would be better. Improving my life by leaving my bed and doing my daily due diligence, orrrr staying in bed and reading many pieces of fiction.
It’s Bright and cold outside my covers. But I want to make my bed, I hate messy sheets.

This is what schedules are for, smh my head. Waking up, getting ready, reading something informational, going for a walk, and doing one hour rotations of entertainment for the rest of the day would’ve been it. I guess I forgot as soon as I woke up.

And my eyelids are getting heavy as I read. I should’ve gone to sleep earlier last night since I still work up to my alarm at 6:30 AM…I could be so much more organized if only I took the time.

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