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me and my life
2021-07-14 08:40:42 (UTC)


G arrived to India on 11th and dint video call me till today. we did speak on phone twice briefly. He told me as usual that he was occupied and also not comfortable speaking on call in presence of his parents. well I understand but still I feel weird. He told me that he will be here in Mumbai to meet me this month's last week, I was like seriously??? but am not going to rely on this until he book his tickets because in my life anything can happen especially the time am going through. So this makes me confused that he is not much in talking and getting updates from me but he is going to come to meet me to talk about us and know better. at one hand he makes me feel not imp on other hand he makes me feel wanted too... so damn confused.... I don't know what is stored for me? or what's going to happen? its raining from 2 days continuously and the weather is become so good but no where to go.
a good news to share that I have shed noticeable weight, my neck shoulder area and most importantly my tummy area love handles too but i still have a long way to go. i want to fit and look in shape in my dress which I bought 23 yrs back but never wore coz tummyy tuck... yesterday I wore and I looked pretty good but muffin top showed which will vanish in few weeks. Thanks to Chloe Ting and also my efforts...
Things are complicated there is no peace, nothing that i want, unemployed for 17 months whoaaaaa I never imagined myself in such situation, still I thank god for better life people out there are suffering a lot. may god give them strength also am very sure ill get job very soon.
world has been very boring or life i should say has become boring, negativity, corona fucking corona.

May this all end soon and all live a happy normal life, i guess people will be more considerate about things they have in life and value and respect more than before. Cyaaa diary...