If I die today
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2021-07-18 14:43:23 (UTC)

electric lemonade

Instead of 3oclock coffee I tried a roasters elcctric lemonade instead it was kinda gross I drank half and ditched the rest we went for a walk with the dog we go him a harness at walmart today so we were trying it out and fueling my coffee addiction. the harness didnt seem to make too much diffrence but doesnt hurt true test will be running tommorw. I did my workout video this morning on the 21st will be complete 21 days of workouts :) I'm soo close. I watched a video from the 14th of live sessions with a new instructor I kinda liked it but I did notice my weaknesses more. before walmart I finished the end of that 2nbox of wine this morning. Last night we opened it and were drinking togetehr but we did both dump at least a half a cup before bed. Im having a gingerale now. physically I'm okay inside well theres feelings. yLindse is interested in art in the park so actually we are going to plan on it before yBaile's 3rd birthday party. Anyhow i'm having mixed feelings over the wedding I never asked if I was invinted and of course I wouldn want to be a let down if I was anyhow feeling like I'm dodging a bullet but also a horrible girlfriend for not really showing much involment. I do care about his daughter and family just not his daughters mother well not that I dont care but its overwhelming for me and I do not trust her aand I dont even know how I feel or think and coulnt tell you if it would be a gift or a curse to even try to get to know her so I'm in the ambvioulness . otherwise still in the mental state of failure and trying trying I really dont wanna fail bc of a bd attudiue .

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