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2021-07-18 18:31:07 (UTC)

Letter to Eric waiting to call

2:00 pm, Like I said I don't wait when I know the thugs or slugs are doing something.
[JIRA] (PUB-266070) Ticket Created: Letters sent? Nothing noted as sent or not to me. Twice now
Updates Support [email protected] via
1:31 PM (25 minutes ago)
to me

The following ticket has been opened.

A technician will review this ticket within 2 business days. If this ticket is pertaining to duplicate deposits or deposits made to the wrong account, please contact the facility immediately to ensure the money is not spent by the recipient.

Letters sent? Nothing noted as sent or not to me. Twice now

Reference Number: PUB-266070
Date Created: 07/18/21 01:30 PM
Issue Description:
Issue Summary: Letters sent? Nothing noted as sent or not to me. Twice now
Customer Name: John Lewis
Customer Email: [email protected]
Resident Name: Eric Genzale
Resident ID:
Facility: Washington County Detention Center, AR
Issue Details: Do you keep copies of letters sent or just deduct fifty cents per letter with no shown proof if jail even received. I have two letters I sent and still shows as if never sent?
Thanks John Lewis
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Copy of letter sent to a friend awaiting a court hearing next month as he can't afford to bail out but his partner is doing his best to raise the funds of course. I did help the first time many years ago as well as helped a few times after even. Best that I can do now is write letters as well as send him a little cash to buy some items from the over priced jail commissary. How the governments work as your well aware of. Must remember also, that I am not a nice letter writer if someone I know is no good, as even the good has to hold that bad thug feeling as long as a real bad thug is finally fired or taught to show respect to those not even convicted yet as good people until the system runs it's course. This is where the poor in this country are screwed with the high bail they place on the poor today and they must sit as innocent in jail until that first court appearance is held. Really second as they will have many delays as they always do in order to collect those federal funds for keeping innocents people locked until proven innocent or guilty. Never ever think this country is freer than any of the other 119 countries, as it isn't when it comes to making money for this corruption thugs placed in power today. But, as I said here is the letter today, and still waiting to receive a letter back electorally from The inmate as there called. Wow, isn't that neat from Citizen to Inmate. Oh stop this calling as well as messages if I don't like America then leave. Hey those of you able to yell because your raised by money daddies and mommies and able to buy your way out of the corruption you pull on the American people. I fought as well as took and oath to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of America. Like one judge in Arkansas after seeing I was also a vet, did not find any registering arrest by an eleven year so called thug and he is finally working else where's after being fired for being caught wanting to set me up even. Eleven years of set ups this thug did until finally tried his bullshit on me, on my own property. Had to still follow the thugs wishes and the rest of them till reaching court for a dismissal. Was going to sue, but hey why sue idiots that wasted their lives away thinking they would get away with it as his partners also did. Anyway, now for the letter to a friend that would never ever hurt a fly even.

Sunday 1:00 PM
Well Eric, still waiting your reply as to last letter I sent as well as if told as to the money on your books for commissary. Maybe your as church or something or even that the system is lined up and you have not been told as the ways around the jailbird cage. I know all the babysitters there enjoy dreading reading all the mail incoming as well as out going. I am sure in time if many already haven't done so already want to get you to communicate just to see what I will say in order to return for offensive or maybe abusive . Oh wait, better not give them idea, as I am sure sure they need to take many idea's from the outside world of citizens as they like to say. Been enjoying my arguments with family mas well as a few close friends over my diary that I started and may even open it up to the world in time. It is a new idea as well as all the others. Marketing tools I use for selling my thoughts on the corruption of this country as well as on local state and county and city corruption. Heck, believe it or not Arkansas is the breeding grounds of most all corruption that moved into other states like Mississippi and Louisiana. They over took Arkansas so now Arkansas is third in corruption in all fifty states. They were the leader until some honest constitution and Bill of rights people started to move in and make corrections. Have proof of that from all the information I have collected and hidden around the world. Enjoying the marketing way of tools to get people informed to fight back as well as major news stations now around the United States as well as other countries, even starting to slam these thugs with badges. In hopes to clean everything up. But, nothing is working as long as we continue to elect Senators and Congress slugs to steal from the citizens. Dislike that word citizen, probably as bad as the sheriff's dept. wish to be called deputies and not officers. After all the Deputy else their above being called officer, as that lowers them to a lower level of people control. Of course no citizen really knew that this type of thing goes on as a joke in most states, but really a serious matter here in Arkansas. Just shows how really well trained they are. Well, guess I'll hear from you not to send letters as such as am sure some of those kiddies that are high class babysitters are going to have their feelings hurt. I am good at that. But, asking all the protectors above as well as the Almighty to watch out for you and hopefully the truth will be revealed and your released because of some ones hurt feelings over words. Still your friend just to be sure your ok. You can always do a lot of things if and when some of those wish to play games so use the links as your still protected under the rights of the play learning pretend attorneys if your partner can't get one to step in for you. Never take anything serious we all have one single life to live on earth, so even when a captured falsely accused victim it will come out, then the real fun starts and you be able to pay back those loans. haha Your friend John

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