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2021-07-19 00:07:28 (UTC)

Another week.

I'm writing this on my Dell laptop running an i3 processor and has less ram than my current smartphone. It's old. but this beauty still has plenty left in her. the keyboard is so good. it has a good amount of space to rest your hands and type and a regular numpad. such simple stuff is missing in the latest high end laptops.

One day at a time is what i need to do. So saturday as i was getting yelled a over the phone by my boss i was laughing inside. At first i would have felt bad. but not anymore. cause ive learned to disconnect with certain events and only react to a few. when i'm not the cause of the problem i tend to not take it personally. this happens a lot. the fucking indian idiots act indian and i get to hear it. so now i'm like fuck it. ill make the mistake. boss will handle it. not my problem. i did what i had to. not my fault they act like this.

we need to have water. i don't do it. i feel the effects of not being hydrated. also skin care. i have oily skin. need to wash it like thrice daily with some face wash.


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