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2021-07-18 16:22:35 (UTC)

🎵"These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things..."🎶

Male Singer: George Michael
Female Singer: Annie Lennox
Band: Simple Minds
Song: "Alive and Kicking" - Simple Minds
Album: Tommy - The Who
Movie: Jesus Christ Superstar
Disney Movie: The Lion King
Movie line: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." - Gone With The Wind, Rhett Butler, played by Clark Gable
Movie Couple: Gomez and Morticia Addams
Actor: Al Pacino
Actress: Maggie Gyllenhaal
Movie hero: Ant Man
Movie villain: Loki
TV Show: Star Trek (The original series)
TV Character: Monk
Star Trek Character: Spock
Cartoon: Rugrats
Book: Francis Of The Filth - George Miller
Myth: Persephone
Youtuber: Filthy Frank
YouTube Gamer: Eric Van Wilderman
Game To Watch: Mario Maker
Meme: E!
Comedian: George Carlin
SNL Sketch: That's way too hard to decide, but recently, the iceberg from Titanic!
SNL Digital Short: Boy Dance Party!
SNL Cast Member From Each Decade:
70's: Can't decide.
80's: Eddie Murphy.
90's: Chris Kattan.
00's: Don't know.
10's: Taran Killam
20's: So far, Bowen Yang!
SNL Character: Mango!
SNL Weekend Update Anchor: Norm MacDonald.
Animal: Cats.
City: New Orleans.
State: Arizona.
President: Abraham Lincoln.
Accent: Scottish.
American accent: New York.
#: 10 (Yes, like Monk! Lol.)
Color: Black.
Style: Goth.
Weather: 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26 celsius), no humidity, sunny, cool breezes.
Day: Sunday.
Time of day: 7:00 PM
Sports team: Red Sox.
Athlete: Michael Jordan, the G.O.A.T. !
Food: Greek/Meditteranean, specifically gyros!
Fast food: Taco Bell.
Soda: Pepsi.
Beer: Bud Light.
Alcoholic beverage: Sake
Planet (besides Earth): Pluto! I will fight anyone who says otherwise! No, but even if I lose this debate, at least I'm not asking if math is related to science. Lol. If not Pluto, Saturn.
Aliens (fictional): Vulcans.

And finally, I saved this for last because I had a somewhat silly thought to go along with it.

Astrological sun sign: Scorpio.
Moon sign: Virgo.
Rising sign: Capricorn.
Mercury sign: Scorpio.
Venus sign: Aquarius.
Mars sign: Pisces.

To be fair, I used none of my own placements because that would seem egotistical. (Mine are: Capricorn sun, Capricorn moon, Taurus rising, Capricorn Mercury, Capricorn Venus and Scorpio Mars.)

Now, what's interesting is: what if I constructed the personality of my next husband? Lol. He would have stuff in common with MT (my departed Love) and some stuff that's different. That's ideal because if he is too much the same, that would be too sad, but if he's too different, he'd be wrong for me. I will write my departed husband's chart placements and then, explain why I chose the ones I did for my favorites:

MT's Astrological Chart Placings:
Sun: Scorpio, but Sagittarius cusp. He was born right on the cusp day, but according to his birthtime, he was Scorpio! With definite Sagittarius influence, though, according to Astrology, thats why I point it out.
Moon: Capricorn
Rising: Capricorn
Mercury: Sagittarius
Venus: Sagittarius
Mars: Pisces

Scorpios are my favorite! I don't think I really need to explain! Of course, for his main sun sign, I would go with that! I like Virgo moon better than Capricorn moon because Capricorn is boring. Virgos, too seem boring, but Virgo moon? I know this is only one example, but Aaliyah was Virgo moon and she was like, the coolest person ever. Of course, she was also Capricorn sun like me. 😉 Oh shoot... Natalie Portman too and she's like my girl crush. Lol. Aaliyah was, back in the day. Rest in peace, baby girl. I looked up famous men with Virgo moon... Pewdiepie is one. Cool. They just seem like really cool people, from those few examples... Lol. I don't take any of this serious and while it's fun, I don't know why I'm wasting this much time on this. Oh well!

I like Capricorn-rising because a lot of them seem to have the cute, baby face I like (MT, included!). I know the rising sign isn't all about looks, but it's what specifically effects your looks. I do think I look like Taurus-rising, which I am. I definitely have some Taurus traits too! Anyways... while I might find another Capricorn sun boring, it's interesting to have Capricorn somewhere in their chart, probably the rising sign. It's interesting especially with Scorpio sun.

I only picked Mercury in Scorpio because I didn't want to pick my own - Capricorn, even though that's actually my favorite. A Scorpio can't have Mercury in Capricorn, anyways, because they could only have Mercury in Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius. Supposedly Mercury in Scorpio make great detectives? I don't know, but it is interesting.

I like Venus in Aquarius because Aquarius is unconventional, so being in the planet of romance would make someone romantic in an unconventional/weird way? I don't know exactly. I go more with feelings, vibes and personal experience, than with what actual astrology says. For instance, if astrology said that Sagittarius suns make the best, most loyal friends, in my experience, it is quite the opposite. I won't judge all Sagittarius people based on my personal experience, nor astrology. However, my personal experience, proves astrology wrong. However, this is still fun.

Finally, I had to go with Mars in Pisces. There was and is no one sexier than MT. 😉

Just for a little more fun... what personality do I like the most as far as numerology goes? My husband was 6 in numerology. I often get crushes on people that are 3, so I'll go with that. Since, this person is not MT, them being 3 makes them more compatible with my 7 - supposedly odd numbers are good matches with each other. Same with even. However, a 9 and a 1 couple seems odd (well, they are 'odd' in a sense! I know, dad joke... 😊), as it seems like they would be quite opposite to each other, in not such a good way?).