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2021-07-18 21:37:40 (UTC)

Now thats some gourmet shit..

So McDonald's started their gourmet line of burgers. It was surprisingly good. I mean if you see here they indianise every foreign thing. They make something good into their local tasting shit. But this was a different deal. It was decent.

Then spent rest of the evening wirh my cousin playing gta5. So we took a tank. And rest was pure carnage. The amount of shit we blew up it was awesome. I like it. I mean I actually liked it. The thought of blowing up cars and watching the human bodies fly across as they burn to death. Excited me inside.

I fed my sadistic homicidal side today and it felt great. I felt alive. Like I wanted to do this for real so badly.

Coming home in the cab listening to Mike and his album. Next week the 20th marks a very sad day for me. 4 years since he left us. I don't know how I'll manage work that day. Ohh boyyy.

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