Becoming quietly confident
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2021-07-18 10:59:05 (UTC)

Weekend notes, just work

Work has been extremely time consuming. As I knew it would be this month. Not only do I have to drive to an office further away I’m dealing with new co-workers and really a new position. When I’m home I’m going over records for work and straightening out things that are just really bad. It’s all really time consuming and requires a lot of concentration. I’m making more money though, so it’s at least worth it. I’m still quitting this job in August, but I have some sort of sense that I will be at least leaving it in better shape than when I found it. It’s just a small business that grew too quickly. The real problem though is the boss, I think he’s been done with all of this for a long long time and now just wants it to run on its own.

I heard back from 3 different companies on the bathroom remodel and the first one is coming out to quote it on Wednesday. I have not told my husband this yet.

I am feeling increasingly isolated. I need to do something about that.

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