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2021-07-18 05:09:20 (UTC)

roaches' and more..

A few minutes after midnight, yup, what made me get up? Hearing backroom yelling about roaches, hmm, roaches'? Ok, now my lights were put out when I turned in around nine pm and just to test my room itself to see if i awaken any of thee critters. Damn, not one seen any place.
Then I went into hallway outside my bedroom door, you know just to see what I could see if turned on the lights as I made it a point to keep a bulb in this so called laundry room , now used as central air unit as well as kitty cat poop box and food and water. Yea, I know. with KITTY POOP BOX AS WELL AS FOOD AND WATER, there will be a roach or two. Yup, seen one running under the poop box,. OK, was told need more litter, as cat poops alot since eating a lot. A lot, in the summer time? Oh well, Ok, then after I bought two ten pound bags on the 1st of July. Already use? Hmm, fastest use I have ever seen, but guess I will get a bucket this time, this morning when the sun rises and sit out there.
Oh shit went into kitchen and lights or night one was lit, but when turned on the main ones, Looked as if it was party time. Never looked this way before when? Best not say anything as everyone knows what I said already. Why waste time again. Think I will start feeding cat again in my room, as she knows when I am up and will scratch on door at wanting in to eat when she hears I am up. SHe makes that trip a few times every night, unless locked in someone's room by accident for the night. But, cat food also goes quicker when I placed out there. Asked if a certain party has been feeding his dog cat food. As never seen a cat eat so much in two days after filling two bowls. Ok, then that is what did it, I will feed cat in my room as know I have no roaches' as soon as they enter they die. I spray my room every week just the same even when I am paying a hundred a month to pest control. After all wrote on that as well sometime back. Look it ups, getting tired to repeat myself.
Don't clean up after eating, then what can I say.? Been contacting Flex for a reply as to her statement made to care taker wife here, as too the two different price all of a sudden after paying joining fee as well as cleaning out all cupboards draws to be sprayed way back when? Now, even no reply to me from Flex, asking if now there charging two fees for inside and outside. Outside done every quarter. Give us a call if inside needed done again. Well, did for awhile, but guess the sprayers don't want to do both inside and out at same time as set up years ago. Ok, great, then just say bye at least and return the next dates money that has been paid. If were even then state that as well. Gladly find someone else, when I hear enough complaints again. The caretakers forgot they started this and now again they want to start over again. No problem, after all I will gladly continue to keep my old man's room filthy and bug free. I will also get the other main bedroom repaired as well as rent it out for that money. After all gave free money now for over seven years, and caretaker one lives outside, while caretaker two lives inside. The room use to be rented as well for $300. when I had it, and went up by caretakers to $350 for extras like cable that never worked from AT&T, I am told. No idea as always use My cell phone as the wifi and get great reception as does last renters that were kicked out by caretakers youngest son for whatever reason, still have no idea why. But, did go ahead and rent to another older retired guy, never met, just placed ad and younger son as well as caretakers made some typ of agreement. Never knew what but the guy was thrown out after a week. Why, no idea. Was told a story of course by younger son, checked out story and even showed the younger son that he was clean and just living on Social security like I am. Well, that was dropped and now the younger son of care takers also moved out of master room number one to her fathers place. No kids now, great finally all adults again as before I never had kids here except my own, and in that time my kids as well as grandkids can tell you we never had a roach problem. But, that story as well posted some where when my kids were growing's up. My problem was with old hag next door calling sheriff daily because 1 year old grandson was riding a three wheeler. She was my pain in the neck after buying this now called a dump by care takers today. That of course also in back of mind for update soon. No bother to me, but guess her mower guy quit doing her lawns for free, as looking over weeds daily for past two months.
Hey getting tired of this diary all of a sudden saying clear and delete draft blinking off and on? Don't want to see my daily stories three four or more daily. Say, so and delete account and refund money. NO problem or am I over looking how to run my end of this. Let me know r fix it yourself. I don't care. Takes a while for this old head to think with all the different systems. I use this diary as start point then transfer to MEWE then to Blog I have hidden with all works then come back and repost after reviewing quickly and then post to the world. I need to see how many countries I am banned from. Checked sometime ago and posted it once, but never cared after all with over 199 countries why would I care? Thinking of that now so going to close now After all 1AM. Oh wait one last thing on the roach.
Where Do Cockroaches Come From?
While cockroaches are more likely to get comfortable in a dirty house, even the cleanest of houses can get the occasional roach. In order to get rid of cockroaches for good, it’s best to have a firm understanding of where they are coming from in order to prevent future infestations.

how cockroaches get in the house
Cockroaches are surprisingly resilient creatures. They have been around since the dinosaurs, and have survived virtually everything the world has thrown at them for thousands of years. Part of their survival is due to their ability to live up to a month without food and two weeks without water. You’re going to have to do much more than just clean up your kitchen to keep these cockroaches away.

Cockroaches are also incredibly effective at reproducing. Some female cockroaches only need to mate once and will remain pregnant for the rest of their life. That means all you need to do is attract one mama roach that scurries off into some impossible-to-find corner to have a long-term roach problem. While impressive, these statistics don’t make roaches any less annoying and potentially dangerous to our health.

Common Household Pest Cockroach Species
According to the Queensland Museum, in Queensland, there are three common household pest cockroaches, The American Cockroach, Australian Cockroach, and German Cockroach.

German Cockroach (Blattella Germanica)

German Cockroach | Image courtesy of Queensland Museum
The most common type of indoor cockroach in South-East Queensland is the German cockroach. These little guys are small at around 10mm and pale in colour. Their distinguishing feature is two dark bars running lengthwise along the thorax. They prefer warm, dark, and humid places near a food source, so they tend to cluster around the kitchen and bathroom areas.

American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana)

American Cockroach | Image courtesy of Queensland Museum
The American Cockroach is large, can by slightly over 40mm long, and reddish-brown in colour. It has an indistinct brown pattern on the thorax. It can be found in houses (usually found in stores and near food) but is generally more commonly found in compost heaps, sewers and industrial areas.

Australian Cockroach (Periplaneta australasiae)

Australian Cockroach | Image courtesy of Queensland Museum
The Australian Cockroach is slightly smaller in size than the American Cockroach but are still close to up to 40mm long. They are reddish brown in colour, with yellow stripes along the front edge of their wings. Their distinguishing feature is the yellow area on their thorax. They feed on plant material and decaying material. They like book bindings and glue in boxes and even clothing. They thrive in South-East Queensland because they populate well in temperatures above 27 degrees Celsius.

Other less common types of cockroaches found in the South-East Queensland area include Oriental (mostly outside and under sinks, refrigerators, and washing machines), and Brown-Banded (prefer warmer and drier places, pantries, closet shells).

Get Rid Of Cockroaches: The Defence
When it comes to your cockroach problem, prevention is the name of the game. Here’s a quick checklist to get you on the track to freedom from cockroaches:

Give your shopping bags a good look for any cockroaches. If you shop at organic supermarkets or farmer’s markets that don’t use pesticides, you’re more likely to unwittingly bring in some roaches.
Get rid of any stand alone boxes. Cockroaches love to breed in cardboard boxes. There are horror stories of people finding entire roach colonies in old moving boxes in the garage. If you’ve got some boxes hanging around the house, do yourself a favour and toss them.
Seal holes around plumbing pipes. Plumbing is like the cockroach superhighway.
Seal openings around windows and doors. This keeps your house safe from cockroaches and other pesky insects.
Never leave food out, and sweep up crumbs. Ensure that scraps are disposed of correctly and regularly and make sure that any food from the day is correctly stored in air-tight containers. Keep your rubbish in a bin with a tight lid. Thoroughly clean benchtops and stovetops. Since cockroaches can go a long time without any food, even the smallest meal can hold them over for weeks.
Keep your pantry cockroach-safe. Part of not leaving food out means making sure your food is locked away appropriately in your pantry. Cockroaches find their way into cereal boxes with a surprising amount of ease.
If you are a commercial food business, it is important to regularly clean out your grease trap.
Schedule regular pest control maintenance. Having a professional make sure that your home is receiving maximum protection from cockroaches, rodents, and a variety of other pests, is a phenomenal strategy to not have to deal with these troubles first-hand again.
By following the above strategies, you will be able to keep your home safe from future cockroaches. Be sure to always be attentive of roach sightings, because if there’s one, there are likely many lurking where you can’t see them. They could be in your bathroom, garage, or worse, crawling around your pantry looking for a bite to eat.

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