👁️ Bandersnatch 👁️

Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-07-18 01:03:13 (UTC)

Lovely day 💋

The closer you're to nature.
The further away you're from idiots.

Another three hour hike in the countryside exploring was glorious today. The weather was magical. Already back to my calm, and feeling good, centred 😉 Met some other hikers and cyclists along my route too 🙂

If my qualities do not shine in the eyes of the man who pursues me, then he will never be my choice.

I've left the architects messages from late yesterday evening on grey ticks on WhatsApp. And I've had no interest in being on there, neither am I interested in his come backs of texting me about still going away next week.

You're out, pal. Had your chance.

Onwards I go, but as it stands I'm enjoying indulging in my hobbies and ill keep doing this for now because they make me happy and so do my friends 👍Life is much more pleasant without the dating scene, these men create dreams in their minds. I am not a dream, I am real woman, a hard working responsible mother first and foremost. I'll not be anybody's strings to pull. Have much more important and interesting things to be doing 😘