Experienced Life
2021-07-17 14:25:36 (UTC)

We rocked it!!! 🏋️‍♂️

Gym classes were really alive with energy today. Lot’s of friends attended this morning. And yes, mostly my women gym friends and yes again, they are mostly very pretty. A few of us did doubles or we’d say back-to-back classes. Dumbasses are we (As Yoda would say it). We had all kinds of stations today. Almost all of them were fun and you could feel the burn. We did box jumps and I’m still a little tentative on 30” or 76 cm. Might be easy for some people but I’m only 5’6”. I’m comfy with 24” for now.

I did notice with the weight loss that I have more coordination on my jump ropes. I can do alternate jumping of one foot jumping twice on one foot then switching much easier. It was hardeer when I was heavier because you know… got fatter so I was heavier. With 6 lbs gone, it was no problem again. Doing laps around the building also wasn’t a problem. Bosu ball lateral jumps were much easier. So anxious to see how much weight I lose next week. I know this week was probably more bowel clearing weight that I lost seeing as I’m eating a proper diet. Next week is the real weight loss.

Also, Shanti asked me out again. This time she says without her child. So…..I have date. She wanted to go on a weekday so I can go on a Wednesday. That’ll be cool. She is very pretty so I’m not going to complain. I won’t kiss her butt but I will be old school and treat her as a gentlemen but not as a kiss butt beta. (Yes, I’ve been reading up on current events and lingo).

Well, the day is still young. I can go out and do stuff. Not sure what yet but I need to get up and do something. Probably a little itty bitty bit of impulse shopping. Temperature is about 92°F or 33.° C. Not too bad. At least not near the 110° F like last week. When it gets that hot, guys need to wear tighter boxers to make sure the family jewels don’t hit the pavement. Hehe.