If I die today
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2021-07-17 09:49:48 (UTC)


Just did a workout in the yard. nothing too remarkable today today same same nothing . had 1 flexril I think 11ish at bed slept till 7 then again till 9. nothing going on kinda lame I guess. Maybe coming to terms with things but not sure. Got a gift from my parents yesterday it came early. it had my old old childhood nickname on it . IDK how I feel about it or not but anyway I had a weird dream last night too but not like a nightmare more like distressing. so weird my dad had a butch beer can I saw crunched and it was like he was picking on me something about I found ketchup dripping down the stairs olny to find out it was v8 as I was telling him he kept saying clean it up and I was like wait what why was it here what is it and how and so on I was full of questiong he ingorned . alos I had made some sorta pasta type dish and threw it in the trash outta habbit instead of driaining or serving it so nDea got up and I told him that I had thrown away the food by mistake and then he said something about the game (sport maybe football i assume ) being on and I was like oooh thats why dad acting that way he's not being mean to me. Thats the vague summary not fresh detials in my mind. Read the obituaires today still I got nothing for mine but I'm hard on thinking about what image I'd want if any and blah I feel like sh!t nothing. IDK its almost gonna be forced and for someoenesle feel good emotion if I get an obituary and oh yeah this stickish cloroled bug got on my had while I was cleaning up from my outside workout maybe a praying matus the shape resuabled in it was on my left had IDK if it bit me or maybe I was feeling it move IDK I shaked it off onto the table and then when I put stuff inside and came back out I couldnt see it. do they camflouage what was that or then again maybe I didnt see it. do they bite if they do bite may I be allerigic. omg but so far nothing no symptoms of a problem just a vague mystery . had 2 glasses of wine between 4 and 6 when we got dinner last night I'll l,ikely crack into that wine again today. well this is todays ordeal