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2021-07-17 21:51:13 (UTC)

Hate it when..

You cunts have to make everything political don't ya. Have to spoil it all for the rest of us.

So my cousin living in Canada asked me how black widow was since he heard mixed reviews and it having a feminist vibe or shit like that ..

I fucking lost it...

Called him an asshat and told him to watch the movie as a fucking movie cause that's what it is.. All that feminist bullshit has no meaning there. Hahah he said pace yourself

A movie is an expression of art. It is technical. It has a narrative. It has a story. Now if the lead is a female so fucking what I say. Big fucking deal. A black widow spider eats the male after having sex. I bet you didn't know that. Now yeaah come up with some twisted logic and say that's offending all the women out there and makes it look like they will kill their men... well fuck you and your thinking you bunch of cunts.


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