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2021-07-17 08:05:40 (UTC)

Not so fun nightmare 😤

I had a sort of nightmare last night. It all started because in real life yesterday, I saw a Facebook memory post. It was three years ago yesterday that my ex gf Tara and I were at this timeshare. It was our last vaca together. It was a fun vacation. I just looked at the memory fleetingly. I was able to smile about it and my day went on after that. My mistake. Whenever I just think of something during the day for a short moment, I mean something like around 30 seconds or less, I usually end up dreaming about it.

So last night, I dreamt about her. I think I was working at this place that seemed like a car wash maybe or an auto detailing place. Dunno. Anyway, she found me and she got out of her car with her other lady friend. Brief hellos were exchanged along with short but polite “how are you doing blah blah blah stuff”. Then the funny thing I saw my ex kinda elbowed or shouldered her friend to walk over to me. Took me about a min but I finally figured out what was happening. My ex gf was trying to set me up with this woman. She was a Chinese lady.. About the same age as my ex gf. Short black hair. As soon as I knew, I just walked away. Mixed feelings in my dream. First, I can hunt on my own. Second, if my ex thought I was cool enough that she’s wanted to set me up with her friend, then why did we break up? Third, I have to admit. I was still hurt a little by seeing my ex. I know what that means. Sigh…Effing nightmare!!!

I walked away from that lady and was just yelling out loud sort of to me and to my ex that what she did isn’t acceptable and not cool at all. I recall as I was walking away yelling some profanity. Didn’t need that nightmare for sure. What’s wrong with some classic nightmares like zombies or monsters attacking me? Crap like that would be ok.

However, I got two back-to-back crossfit classes scheduled this morning. Once again, coerced by my gym friend that made me join this challenge. It’ll give me the energy to push through. There is that :) Gotta find the positives where I can because I have to admit, I’m a little worried about doing two back-to-back sessions. Especially since the 2nd session is hiit aka:enough cardio to make you pass out if you aren’t in shape.

I’m up early so I have an hr to kill before I need to get ready. Enjoying my zen time. Got some new gym shorts I’m going to wear today so hopefully they feel good and comfy during working out (more first world problems. hehe). I didn’t get weird and wax my truck in the middle of the night last night. I’m sure I got a few texts from friends about what we’re going to do this weekend but meh...I’m not ready to socialize just yet. I’m going to enjoy my quiet time. For those of you with young kiddos...well it sucks to be you. Haha. Kidding ;) Happy Saturday peeps.

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