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2021-07-17 18:41:36 (UTC)

Future of technology.

Future isn't bright. not for us. For the rich corporates it is. they make money using us as products.

Apple slowing down it's phones so we buy their latest ones. Microsoft making it harder and harder for us to get their OS installed efficiently. Google and Facebook etc with war for our deepest secrets to sell to the advertisers. right to repair having it's own battles. new technologies getting invented but for who? only the super selected rich who can afford them. the latest graphics card may even cost as much as a small car. where do we draw the line in making something just cause we can and making something so that people like you and me can actually fucking use it

So that leavs us with you and me. the last in the money making chain. the ones who can't do shit but just keep buying whatever they give us. with or without our concent.

i don't think updating to the latest tech is a life choice to make right now.

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