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2021-07-06 05:30:17 (UTC)


Hello everyone,

and by that, I mean no one. But whatever I'm mostly writing these for my future self anyways so frick it. But yeah, grandpa... Quick (ish) background info; this grandpa who I'll probably call Grandpa or Grandpa John is my Dads dad. My step grandma, Grandma Jan, is a bit older than my grandpa I think and he usually takes care of her since she has low blood sugar. Grandpas around 76 years old which is pretty much as old as my great grandma on my moms side but its because my dad is the second youngest of... 6 siblings??? Two brothers and three sisters I think. Idk were not super close with his family. Grandpa is/ was I guess a suuuuuuuper healthy old man. He'd wake up early in the morning to walk miles all over the place. Up to the lake, down to the school, EVERYWHERE. And he fixed stuff along with making stuff and he was just in awesome health for someone that old. No offense. My grandpa (and step grandma) literally live down the street from us maybe 8 houses away give or take a few so he lives pretty close. You'd think since we live down the street we'd be pretty close but not really. We used to be pretty close but then we just kinda floated apart. Dont get me wrong I still love them but my grandpa talks forever and my grandma is too quiet and they're both just a bit akward to be around.

So for anyone who cared enough to read these in order (probably one person years after I'm writing this), you've probably taken note that I've mentioned my grandpa being in the hospital a few times, and if not? Well now you know. But yeah I guess I should start when it actually started then kinda just segway over to now. The first time I remember anything happeneing was a few months ago when my dad told me he was going over my grandpas for one reason or another. I think he said grandpas stomach hurt but I kinda blocked it out of my brain casue I HATE, with a burning passion, whenever someone gets sick or hurt. Idk why but I just dont know how to feel or act. Either way I remember him going over there a few more times in the days following for the same reason. Eventually he casually tells me how hes gunna bring Grandpa to the ER and I'm just like "oh... okay then..." and that was that. Until it wasnt. He was diagnosed with that one disease that has medecine adds everywhere... Idk i'll probably edit it in later but either way its where you pretty much loose control of your bowels or some shit... ba dum tishhhhhh. Heheh... I'm so sorry. But um yeah then he was at home for a while and we (me, my dad, and my sister) visited him for a but while he had nothing but a TOWEL around his lower half. No thanks! I know this was kinda rude but I just stood there half hiding behind a corner wanting to get out of there. Grandpa had no pants on, Grandma was in the shower, and some lady (who is technically my step aunt named Karen) has an ant crawling around on her back. Can you really blame me!?

A while later he went to the hospital kinda going back and forth for a bit then finally just staying there for a while. I overheard my mom on the phone saying how he treats my dad like shit when hes there. Like my dad is the only one of his 6 kids to do anything for him and hes yelling at him for not ripping napkins correctly. I get that hes sick and all but what the actual hell! I went with my dad to see him after he'd been there a while and it was just kinda weird. He hadnt been eating so he was super skinny and he was more alseep than concious the entire time. He said hi to me when I got there, my dad had a one sided convorsation with him, tried to get him to eat, then my grandpa yelled at him for water or mac n cheese or something, he realized I was there, and just kinda said hi again or something to aknowlage my newly discovered existance. It was pretty sucky.

I guess that brings us to now then, Grandpa just got moved home and is currently planning on starving to death. How the hell do I respond to that? How the hell is my dad resonding? What about my grandma Jan? Oh boy, according to what I've heard my parrents say Grandma Jan is being a pain in the ass. Dont get me wrong, she has every right, her husband is litterally set on starving to death, but she really dosent seem to be helping. Everyone has accepted the fact that he wants to go except her and now that hes home she has to be monitoring every move anyone makes including the nurse, my mom who is a nurse, and my dad who is her stepson and the only child who seems to care enough to help. Whatever, Its 1:00AM (an hour past when I was sappoased to be asleep) and I need to get to "sleep". Ill either update this or write a new entry if anything happens. Bye byeeeeeeee!