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2021-07-17 10:44:22 (UTC)

Answer me this...riddle me that.

So if God is so all powerful then how come you have members of your church who as kids have been dutiful and when adults have abandoned the belief system. As kids they all went to church. And prayed. And read from the book. Now as adults who can think on their own their inner voice disagrees with all they thought was true right from when they were kids.

If you say it's free will. Then also if God is so powerful then why didn't he make sure everyone was brainwashed into serving him?

If we look at everything that God can't do it perfectly fits into the fictional writings of man. If man thousands of years ago made up God to control the rest of us then everything written comes from human imagination and unfortunately they didn't take into account future generations of free thinkers.

It's so convenient that when you can't explain anything you simply put it as his will. Or he has a plan etc.

That's how I see it.