taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-07-16 13:23:44 (UTC)

pro-dentite experience?

yesterday. my first dentist appointment since the before times. lockdown mouth. gum disease? also the first appointment at this new dentist in my former hood in the 'häven. my lower front teeth have been migrating slightly, in subtle directions. also the first time i've put anything referencing my neurodiversity explicitly in a medical intake form! it's just a dental medical form, but it felt significant.

off the bat. had to kill 10 mins in the parking lot as I am chronically early to the party -- an hombre idling in the same lot in a sizeable rig, for the same length of time, pulls out only to completely swipe a small sedan with scaping and gnarly sound, -- ok.

so that instantly offers a galvanizing moment with my new mouth team. me and the white women of highbury park dental, aghast. pressing forward.

modern corporate dental chic interior -- the brochure boasted of netflix during (the dental work). screen on the ceiling. to whit, old episodes of jeopardy. impressed with the (continued level of covid protocols).

after about a thousand x-rays and ultrasounds (?), time get the jackhammers on this plaque yo. my hygienist says it's actually not too bad, moderate build up mostly between. it's the blood that's less than ideal. but we vibe instantly and kind of hit a similar energy level and, damnedest thing... the conversation felt good, and relaxed somehow. we even exchanged what i do believe were jokes a... I dropped a line from good will hunting at one point.

the dentist wasn't in house apparently, but am told he will review my catalogue of xray mouth pics to jac-- determine if further Action Is Required.

I was beaming upon exit in a way that was unanticipated. it was as much a social build up as a tooth check up. like, to know I can still banter with a stranger affeddffdsdsSDds

it's been long, isolating, bleak times. so I'm taking everything I can from this!