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2021-07-16 20:07:00 (UTC)

Space Cadet Learns About Comfort Characters

Dr. Wood XLIX

So yesterday was a heck of a day. And this past week was a heck of a week. But I think I’m finally in the clear (knock on wood). I did what needed to be done, leaving me with just the gradual inflow of things to take care of for my Spark. Insurance is taken care of, registration is underway, and I have a clear outlook on what to expect. As much as my heart still hurts with having to give up my Dakota, I feel very successful at the start of this weekend. Yesterday kinda sucked though before the vehicle sale. I’ve been having some VPN issues with my computer so I’d been dealing with that, and amid juggling a bunch of stuff with work, I had to make calls to Carvana and my bank to get a wire transfer set up for my purchase. Oh that’s right, I didn’t mention – I kinda messed up my payment info because I requested funds to be transferred from a non-transaction account (my savings account instead of checking), and there was no way to change the account that I wanted funds withdrawn from, so I had to opt for either a wire transfer or a cashier’s check by mail. So I went with the former. That part wasn’t so bad, just a lot of phone calls. Then I had to coordinate towing for my Dakota. Called AAA, and they told me they couldn’t do it because it would be a convenience tow. So after some aggravation, I sent an online request to a local towing company to take care of it. I got a confirmation email from them saying they were gonna dispatch someone as soon as possible. Two hours later and nothin’. I called to confirm, and after a very awkward conversation, was told that the towing company was on rotation for state police and that they had sent an email stating they couldn’t do it. I’m usually one to give the benefit of the doubt, but I received no such email. Not in any of my tabs, nor my spam. So that was annoying. Like, very annoying. Called another towing company and fortunately they dispatched and arrived promptly. It was just a very hectic day, and some pillow-screaming and crying did occur. I’ve been quite the crier lately. But it’s done now. I think I can relax.

Everything else has been good. I gave my mom a call after selling my vehicle, kind of in the spirit of change and realizing I need to not take the presence of important people in my life for granted. I know I’m pretty quick to fall out of habits but I at least wanted to capitalize off of my, uh, philosophical momentum, if you will. Prior to yesterday, when I was not tearing my hair out over car matters, I was playing my normal games and watching my normal shows. Still have some side stories in DDLC to play, though I can take my time with them. Almost done Quintessential Quintuplets and I am LOVING it! Yotsuba is still my favorite girl, although I do think it’s Miku who should be the winner and get Uesugi. Nino and Itsuki (Itsuki especially) are growing on me, and I’m starting to see why people dislike Ichika (although I still like her a lot). I’d say my favorites order is still Yotsuba > Miku > Ichika > Itsuki > Nino, although Ichika and Itsuki might be tied. I’ve got two more episodes left… but dang, I kinda wanna read the manga too (or just hope for a season 3). Still playing Maitetsu, of course – really really liking Hibiki’s route. Interestingly, it’s a lot more suggestive than the Hachiroku route, but I’m not complaining. I still haven’t watched any of the… uh, “scenes”… yet. It’s one of those formidable territories for me. But whatever, I’ll grow balls one of these years.

Recently, as I was looking up random DDLC merchandise online. I came across this neat little Etsy page that sells emails from characters of certain franchises. One is called “Emails from the Literature Club”, where you can buy emails of varying length from any of the four club members. You can even get a Spotify playlist to go along with it (not sure what songs one would expect but it’s a neat feature). The seller mentions that the email can be of any tone or theme, and can be romantic or platonic. What I love is that the seller mentions that the emails are written by the characters themselves, and that she is just the messenger. I’m just gonna say – that warmed the fudge outta my heart to read. Like what a way to reaffirm the magic of the correspondence by saying that it’s coming right from the characters and not from the seller! There were only two reviews, but they were positive, with one citing how in character the email they received was. I’m tempted to try it out, actually. If I was gonna do it, I’d probably go for something platonic, and maybe theme it as something that elicits thought provocation. Which would mean it’d probably be an email from either Yuri or Monika. I don’t really know that I’ll go through with it, but I’ll keep it in mind. I’m a bit unsure as to whether or not I would/should respond to the email, or if that’d be presumptuous unless I pay for a response. Like it just feels kinda awkward to ask about that, in a way. And if the character asks questions, with the expectation that I would need to pay to keep the conversation going, I’d be stuck between either being in a loop of paying more money, or potentially letting my virtual pen pal down by leaving them hanging through my nonreply. I know I’m WAY overthinking this and also immersing myself too deep in the world of imagined, but these are just the silly thoughts that go through my mind when I see cool things like this. At any rate, it’s such a neat idea, and despite my overthinking, I’d be curious to try it someday.

Okay so in browsing Etsy, there are apparently quite a few sellers doing similar things – some with physical letters, many with non-anime/game characters, some referring to characters as “comfort characters”. I actually never heard of the term “comfort character” before just three minutes ago… this could be revolutionary for me XD It seems to be a pretty self-explanatory term. Wait… what the heck is THIS?! A Twitter page called “Comfort Character Imagines!”, where the poster posts scenarios where the reader and their comfort character are interacting. Holy cow I NEVER use Twitter but I’m following the fudge outta them! Oh, so an example of a scenario they posted: “you’re comfort character calming you down from a nightmare and cuddling until you both fall asleep”. Holy fudge my shoulders hurt from bearing the wholesomeness of this. “You and your comfort character at a conveyor belt sushi place competing to see who can end up with the biggest stack of empty plates” – WHAT?! That’s AMAZING! And I’ve even been to conveyor belt sushi places before so I can vividly imagine this! Who the heck would be my comfort character in this case, I wonder? (And can I have multiple?) I mean, Hifumi Takimoto is up there considering I have her in nearly the closest physical form she can manifest. But maybe for that reason I should have a different “imagined” comfort character. I’ll have to speculate this. Oh wow they even do reminders: “your love and care for your comfort character(s) is beautiful”. Holy smokes this is so gushy. And I love it. I’ma need to think of a scenario for myself, I’m feelin’ kind of inspired. Okay I’m scrolling through more of the stuff and some of it is a bit beyond me (and unrelated to the comfort character stuff). I’ll just think of more scenarios on my own.

I know I’m weird. I know that my cool meter is quickly going leftwards. I just saw some stuff on Facebook recently about my high school’s 10-year reunion (which is more like an 11-year reunion) that looks to be happening soon. I used to think “eh, yeah I’ll go, it’ll be pretty fun and I’ll see a lot of cool people again”… and now I’m like “well, I’ll go, but I’ll wanna die”. I dunno. I don’t have any ill feelings towards anyone, and it’d be pretty irrational to do so considering they’ve probably all changed as people from what I last knew them as. But I feel like… I dunno, my sentiment towards seeing them all again isn’t like what it used to be. I could speak more on that, but I think I’ll end my entry here and talk about that another time. I’ll put it on the list of “things I said I’d talk about again and never followed up on”, right at the bottom of page 47, with narrow margins and size 8 Century Gothic font.

Okay like 15 minutes after writing all that, I’m delving too far into the Internet and coming up with way more random talking points. I need to stop for now. Don’t squander this weekend, Tyler!

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