If I die today
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2021-07-16 14:47:42 (UTC)

im no dentist

This afternoon I used the home repair cavity kit on that back right upper tooth thats been bothering me is that #2 . IDK I think it may be that same tooh the dentist "repaired" . Anyhow im not so sure I did any better. I'm not a denitst and its a hard reach in there I get it now when the dentist says my mouth is small. considering wine tonight but I dont want to miscredit anything I've textd nDea today so waiting till after he gets home and sees me sober just to be sure it has meaning. I dont think I screwed up todays lunch still kinda trying to figure out what i'm good for. scale said a little over 114 befoer the shower. After shower in my shower towel said 109 something. soo idk but will check in again next week. trying not to obsess. I feel big thou but could be a dysfuction in me. Dog was perfect today on the walk but still I'dlike to figure out how to better get his attention in the yard bc I dont even think he can be trusted off leadh while I'm with him.But I trust noone and maybe he's not really doing anything that bad. completed one workout video today. nothing much just having anxousness mostly about myself nothing impactful going on in my mind and life

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