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2021-07-16 14:03:55 (UTC)

Goals goals goals 😊

Salad consists of the chicken breast instapot-ted? hehe. Spring salad, spinach, onions, sliced almonds, dried cranberry, and some Trader Joes lite vinaigerette dressing.

Not sure what happened but something lit a match under my butt. I joined the gym challenge not really wanting to do it. It's for 6 weeks or strength building. I didn't want to because I'm already a member and all I have to do is pretty much hit the gym. But like I indicated in some earlier post, my pretty friend coerced me to join the challenge so she could have someone to bounce stuff off of and inspired each other. Well, last Monday was day one. I have been doubling my sessions sometimes and going every day. So this Friday morning's session made 8 :) I will double up tomorrow so that double digits baby and that's just for this week. We've been given 6 weeks for to make 30 sessions. I'll get 10 done in a week!!! Some people are saying I'm a beast. Some are saying I'm nuts. I believe it's the latter.

In addition to this, I am eating well again. Chicken breast, limited fruits like strawberries and bananas. Yogurt. Tons and tons of broccoli. My digestive system doesn't know what the hell is going on. Going to morning and afternoon classes makes my body not know when to go #2. I haven't touched my wine. I haven't touched my little yummy Jelly-bellys. If you folks don't know what jelly-bellys are, you are missing out on the best tasting Jelly beans in the U.S. Nothing quite like it.

Anyway, I usually weigh myself in the morning and this morning, I weigh 168 lbs. I started last Monday at 174 lbs. So I lost 6 pounds. All just by doubling up on workouts, eating good food and stop drinking wine. I managed to save so much money too. Salad mix and any green stuff is pretty cheap compared to a 30 dollar 1 lb porterhouse steak. Again, no chocolate, no jelly belly, no foo-foo coffee with the moco-moca flavoring. and no wine. I know this week was mostly a digestive flush but I hope next week I can lose maybe 3 lbs. I'm on my way to 160 lbs soon enough.

The week just flew by. Can't believe it's Friday. Can't believe next payday will have a big increase in pay. Yeah!!! Life is good.